yayoi kusama

Posted in art by roseJ on November 24, 2009

Japanese artist, 1929 – present

Yayoi Kusama is one of my favorite artists who emerged in the 60s, hailing from Matsumoto Japan. Her paintings, sculptures and installations all revolve around her mad obsession with repetition, infinity, pattern and accumulation. She is an interesting character due to her mental illness – she had experienced hallucinations and severe obsessive thoughts since childhood, often in a suicidal nature.

Polka dots, “infinity nets”, flowers,and later, penises became a clear obsession of hers in her work. She is often part of her own work- as the key figure in an installation or as part of a painting or photograph. She moved to New York when she was 27 and became a strong force in the art world, competing with Andy Warhol for media attention.

here is a video of kusama at work:

yayoi kusama, revolutionary avant-garde artist


maria pergay

Posted in INTERIOR + FURNITURE by roseJ on October 25, 2009
interior and furniture designer, paris circa 60s-80s

beautiful metal furniture from parisian visionary maria pergay. here is a great article about her from the new york times:

insanely futuristic and out-of-this world furniture pieces were first exhibited in 1968 for a furniture show at the Galerie Maison Jardin and they were an instant hit. she mostly worked with stainless steel and eventually went to Saudi Arabia to design interiors for the Royal Family. She is still working today on equally (or more) surrealist furniture.
maria pergay is one of my most favorite designers. completely forward-thinking and outrageous furniture, and could still be considered “modern” in the world today.

maria pergay in 1970